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28/01/1976 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3737

Problems and conservation of fishing grounds

Author(s): Johan F.G. SCHLINGEMANN

28/01/1976 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3736

Banishment of production and sale of toy-weapons

Author(s): Jean COUTSOCHERAS

28/01/1976 Motion for an Order Doc. 3734

Channel Tunnel

Author(s): Lucien PIGNION

28/01/1976 Order Doc. 356

Channel Tunnel

27/01/1976 Written declaration Doc. 3733

No. 043 - Failure of agricultural production in the USSR

27/01/1976 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3727

European cooperation in the field of tourism

Author(s): Stig ALEMYR

27/01/1976 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3724

Consequences for the environment of the use of various forms of energy

Author(s): Nils WÅÅG

27/01/1976 Recommendation Rec. 776

Situation of rural and agricultural youth in Europe

27/01/1976 Resolution Res. 609

Timber industry situation in Europe

27/01/1976 Opinion Opinion 74

Draft medium-term plan 1976-80