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10/05/1979 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4342

Economic effects of sophisticated technologies

Author(s): Jean VALLEIX

10/05/1979 Written declaration Doc. 4341

No. 078 - Peace in the Middle East

10/05/1979 Report on credentials Doc. 4338

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

10/05/1979 Resolution Res. 694

Air transport policies in Europe

09/05/1979 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4340

Impact on the environment of the major industrial installations

Author(s): Donald NORTHFIELD

09/05/1979 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4339

Human rights in Israel and the occupied territories

Author(s): Andrew FAULDS

09/05/1979 Motion for an Order Doc. 4337

Assembly's work programme

Author(s): Donald NORTHFIELD

09/05/1979 Parliamentary questions Doc. 4334

Statement by Mr Bülent Ecevit, Prime Minister of Turkey

09/05/1979 Order Doc. 379

Assembly's work programme

08/05/1979 Written question Doc. 4331

No. 222 - Greek political refugees

Author(s): Serge BOUCHENY

08/05/1979 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4329

Syrians-orthodox Christians in Turkey

Author(s): Harry van den BERGH