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09/10/1979 Order Doc. 385

Effects of the rise in the price of gold

08/10/1979 Parliamentary questions Doc. 4431

Discussion of the report on the activities of OECD in 1978

08/10/1979 Recommendation Rec. 881

Rural architectural heritage

08/10/1979 Recommendation Rec. 880

Conservation of the European architectural heritage

06/10/1979 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4428

Right to education of children and young people in the fourth world

Author(s): Emile BIZET

06/10/1979 Motion for an Order Doc. 4427

Effects of the rise in the price of gold

Author(s): Keith STAINTON

06/10/1979 Resolution Res. 706

Assistance for the population of Cambodia

06/10/1979 Resolution Res. 705

Problem of refugees from South-East Asia

05/10/1979 Motion for an Order Doc. 4425

Preparations for the 5th Parliamentary and Scientific Conference

Author(s): Werner JAUSLIN