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30/09/1980 Resolution Res. 741

Air traffic control

29/09/1980 Written declaration Doc. 4622

No. 088 - Persecutions in Iran

29/09/1980 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4620

Situation in Bolivia (General policy of the Council of Europe)

Author(s): Jacques BAUMEL

29/09/1980 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4619

Suppression of terrorist activities

Author(s): Clause DEJARDIN

29/09/1980 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4618

Membership of Turkey

Author(s): Clause DEJARDIN

29/09/1980 Parliamentary questions Doc. 4617

Statement by Mr Raymond BARRE, Prime Minister of the French Republic

27/09/1980 Written declaration Doc. 4615

No. 087 - Terrorist attack in Munich

27/09/1980 Recommendation Rec. 902

Youth co-operation in Europe

26/09/1980 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4614

Land tenure and the free establishment of farmers

Author(s): Donald NORTHFIELD

26/09/1980 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4613

Iran-Iraq conflict

Author(s): Serge BOUCHENY

26/09/1980 Report on credentials Doc. 4612

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

26/09/1980 Motion for an Order Doc. 4611

Situation of the Turkish members of the Assembly

Author(s): Giovanni CALICE