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15/07/1989 Written question Doc. 6099

No. 309 - European Court of Human Rights

Author(s): Geoffrey FINSBERG

15/07/1989 Written question Doc. 6098

No. 308 - European Commission of Human Rights

Author(s): Geoffrey FINSBERG

07/07/1989 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6086

Annual meeting of heads of state or government of member states

Author(s): Michael FRENDO

07/07/1989 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6085

Ex-officio inclusion of the outgoing President in the Bureau of the Assembly

Author(s): Adolfo SARTI

06/07/1989 Information report Doc. 6079

Cultural heritage of Cyprus

Author(s): Ymenus Van der WERFF

05/07/1989 Motion for an Order Doc. 6082

Protection of non-smokers in the Council of Europe

Author(s): Daniel TARSCHYS

04/07/1989 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6081

Right to individual liberty and security

Author(s): Angelika BEER