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Result(s) 41 to 60 of 88

29/09/1987 Contribution Doc. 5789

Debate on the activities of OECD in 1986

28/09/1987 Motion for an Order Doc. 5788

Legal aspects of nuclear accidents

Author(s): P.R. STOFFELEN

22/09/1987 Committee Opinion Doc. 5785

OECD activities on migration in 1986

15/09/1987 Information report Doc. 5781

Assessment of certain Council of Europe treaties

09/09/1987 Motion for an Order Doc. 5776

Place of meeting of the Assembly and the committees

Author(s): Daniel TARSCHYS Björn ELMQUIST

13/08/1987 Written question Doc. 5768

No. 300 - Situation in Cyprus

Author(s): Clause DEJARDIN

28/07/1987 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5767

Freedom of religion

Author(s): Michele CIFARELLI