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09/01/1990 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6157

Public opinion on European matters

Author(s): Peter BÜCHNER

09/01/1990 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6156

Transfer of technology to countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Author(s): Karl-Heinz KLEJDZINSKI

13/12/1989 Request for an opinion Doc. 6154

Accession of Hungary to the Council of Europe

29/11/1989 Committee Opinion Doc. 6150

Rights of children

Author(s): Andrew BOWDEN Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

17/11/1989 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6149

Future of wine production

Author(s): Arthur William of KINNOULL

17/11/1989 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6148

Labelling of food products

Author(s): Sixtus LANNER

17/11/1989 Reply to Written question Doc. 6147

To Written Question No. 301 on entry visas required of Turkish nationals

16/11/1989 Recommendation Rec. 1118

Recent events in the German Democratic Republic

16/11/1989 Resolution Res. 935

Locust plagues in Africa

16/11/1989 Resolution Res. 933

Deadline for the tabling of amendments