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31/03/2000 Communication Doc. 8686

Situation in Chechnya

31/03/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8684

European charter of the Danube basin

Author(s): Benno ZIERER

29/03/2000 Communication Doc. 8678 Add.

Conflict in Chechnya

28/03/2000 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 8683

Fine-particle emissions and human health

27/03/2000 Written question Doc. 8682

No. 384 - Length of proceedings in Italy

Author(s): Georges CLERFAYT

24/03/2000 Motion for a resolution Doc. 8681

Fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia law

Author(s): Maria FYFE

22/03/2000 Communication Doc. 8678

Conflict in Chechnya

22/03/2000 Communication Doc. 8674

Reform of the institutions in Ukraine

21/03/2000 Motion for a resolution Doc. 8677

Popular initiatives

Author(s): Vladimir SOLONARI