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Result(s) 41 to 60 of 117

26/09/1960 Resolution Res. 185

Need of reactivating the Council of Europe

26/09/1960 Resolution Res. 184

Problem of refugees and over-population in Italy

24/09/1960 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1214

Setting up of a European School at Strasbourg

Author(s): René RADIUS

24/09/1960 Motion for a resolution Doc. 1213

Formation of a Europe-Africa Committee

Author(s): René RADIUS Christophe KALENZAGA

24/09/1960 Order Doc. 164

European energy problems

24/09/1960 Recommendation Rec. 252

Some aspects of the Law of Outer Space

24/09/1960 Resolution Res. 182

Situation in the Soviet zone of Germany

23/09/1960 Motion for an Order Doc. 1212

Population trends in Europe

Author(s): Ernst PAUL

22/09/1960 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1206

Programme of cooperation between youth movements in Europe

Author(s): O. Bjorn KRAFT