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25/11/1998 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 8268

Bosnia and Herzegovina: return of refugees and displaced persons

25/11/1998 Motion for a resolution Doc. 8267

Fundamentalist regimes’ treatment of women

Author(s): Zdravka BUŠIĆ

24/11/1998 Committee Opinion Doc. 8264


Author(s): Dirk DEES (Former) Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee

20/11/1998 Written declaration Doc. 8259

No. 285 - Arrest of Pinochet

13/11/1998 Request for an opinion Doc. 8265

Accession of the Principality of Monaco to the Council of Europe

09/11/1998 Motion for a resolution Doc. 8263

Threat posed to democracy by extremist parties

Author(s): Carmen JEITLER-CINCELLI

04/11/1998 Recommendation Rec. 1390

Fine-particle emissions and human health

04/11/1998 Recommendation Rec. 1389

Consumer safety and food quality

04/11/1998 Resolution Res. 1176

Terms of reference of Assembly committees

04/11/1998 Resolution Res. 1175

Energy co-operation in the Baltic Sea region

04/11/1998 Resolution Res. 1173

Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)