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21/12/2005 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10773

Child and teenage suicide in Europe: a serious public health issue

Author(s): Bernard MARQUET

20/12/2005 Motion for a resolution Doc. 10769

Protection of the environment in the Arctic region

Author(s): Alan MEALE

12/12/2005 Reply to Written question Doc. 10761

Emissions from the Sellafield nuclear plant

09/12/2005 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10760

Honouring of obligations and commitments by the Russian Federation

05/12/2005 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10755

Discrimination against women and girls in sport

05/12/2005 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10754

Discrimination against women in the workforce and the workplace

25/11/2005 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10749

Current situation in Kosovo