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Result(s) 61 to 80 of 104

12/07/1971 Motion for a resolution Doc. 2986

Position of writers and publishers in Europe

Author(s): Georg KAHN-ACKERMANN

12/07/1971 Communication Doc. 2984

Appointment of the Clerk of the Consultative Assembly

12/07/1971 Motion for a resolution Doc. 2983

Political prisoners in Greece

Author(s): Erik Bernhard BLUMENFELD

12/07/1971 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 2982

Palestinian refugees and the activities of UNRWA

Author(s): Erik Bernhard BLUMENFELD

08/07/1971 Recommendation Rec. 644

Road safety and road safety education

08/07/1971 Recommendation Rec. 642

Ratification of the UN Covenants on Human Rights

08/07/1971 Recommendation Rec. 641

Animal welfare in industrial stock-breeding

08/07/1971 Resolution Res. 492

European anthem