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Session: "1982 - 34th Session - Second part" Delete

Result(s) 61 to 80 of 111

06/07/1982 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4937

Empowering the European Court of Human Rights to give preliminary rulings

Author(s): Nicolas MARGUE

02/07/1982 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4930

Sale of European pharmaceutical products in the countries of the Third World

Author(s): Knud LIND

02/07/1982 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4929

Marine resources

Author(s): Mario VALIANTE

02/07/1982 Recommendation Rec. 947

Protection of consumers' economic and social interests

02/07/1982 Recommendation Rec. 945

International humanitarian law

02/07/1982 Resolution Res. 780

Polish refugees

02/07/1982 Resolution Res. 778

East-West economic and commercial relations

02/07/1982 Resolution Res. 777

Strasbourg Conference

02/07/1982 Resolution Res. 776

Lebanese crisis