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11/12/2000 Reply to Written question Doc. 8903


11/12/2000 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 8902

Violence against women in Europe

01/12/2000 Motion for an Order Doc. 8900

Local elections in Himarra, Albania

Author(s): Théodoros KOTSONIS

29/11/2000 Communication Doc. 8899

Transmission of reports

28/11/2000 Motion for a resolution Doc. 8897

Federal organisation reforms in Russia

Author(s): Felice Cario BESOSTRI

27/11/2000 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 8894

Biotechnology and intellectual property

21/11/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8893

Women and micro-loans

Author(s): Kaarina DROMBERG

15/11/2000 Election observation report Doc. 8891

Ad hoc Committee to observe the municipal elections in Kosovo (28 October 2000)

Author(s): Ans ZWERVER Bureau of the Assembly

07/11/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8886

Racism and xenophobia in cyberspace

Author(s): Ans ZWERVER

03/11/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8884

Conditions of detention in Council of Europe member states

Author(s): Renate WOHLWEND