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Mr Alfred HEER


Membership of political groups

  • Vice-Chairperson: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Assembly Member

  • since 23/01/2012 Representative-Switzerland

MP's role(s) in Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s)

  • Member: Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (Monitoring Committee)
  • Full Member: Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy
  • Member (Co-rapporteur on Ukraine): Sub-Committee on Conflicts between Council of Europe Member States
  • Alternate of Mr Damien COTTIER (Full Member): Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons
  • Alternate of Ms Sibel ARSLAN (Full Member): Sub-Committee on the Middle East and the Arab World
  • Alternate of Mr Pierre-Alain FRIDEZ (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Diasporas and Integration


Last speeches

30/01/2020 | 16:07:20 Yes, thank you, Mister Chair. Unfortunately the Arab Spring that began ended in an Arab winter. Not only in Libya we have a complete war zone, also in Egypt we have a military dictatorship, we have in Syria still Hafez al-Assad in power. We didn't see any democratic evolvement that we hoped for when the Arab Spring was starting. What concerns Libya we have to say that member states of the Council of Europe have a responsibility for the situation as it is today. I'm not an advocate of Gaddafi, he... 30/01/2020 | 11:22:38 Thank you, Mr Chair. Thank you to the rapporteur Ms Thorhildur Sunna ÆVARSDÓTTIR for her report. The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe welcomes the report about the political prisoners and especially the resolution what Azerbeidjan should do to fufil its obligations as member state of the Council of Europe. The European Court of Human rights has issued a very large number of judgments finding violations of the Convention arising from arbitrary arrests and detention of opposition poli... 03/10/2019 | 19:53:45 Yes, thank you, Mrs Chair. I want first to thank to the rapporteurs for their report and also for letting us know how the situation is in Moldova and indeed it's a serious situation we are facing there, which is of great concern and should be of great concern to the Council of Europe. We are facing, or as the Council of Europe, we are responsible for the rule of law, for democracy and Human Rights. And Moldova is a small country; is a new country and is a poor country, of course, as well. And th...