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Democrats 66 (D66)

Senate - Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal
NL - 2500 EA - The Hague


Working language: English

Declarations of interests:
2020 , 2019 , 2018


Membership of political groups

  • Vice-Chairperson: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Assembly Member

  • since 26/06/2017 Representative-Netherlands

MP's role(s) in Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s)

  • Chairperson of national delegation: Standing Committee
  • Full Member: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination
  • Full Member: Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons
  • First Vice-Chairperson: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination


Last speeches

29/01/2020 | 10:24:12 Dear President, Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion as enshrined in article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights is one of the pillars of democratic pluralistic societies. At the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group, we believe that this freedom is an essential element of the identity of individuals, and can be important for believers, atheists, agnostics, or secular citizens alike. Or, in other words, this freedom is a freedom to hold religious beliefs, to hold o... 03/10/2019 | 10:14:26 Madam President, Allow me to quote our Commissioner for Human Rights to the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatović: "Whilst states have the right to control their borders and ensure security, they also have the duty to effectively protect the rights enshrined in maritime, Human Rights and refugee laws”. This quote is from her statements on June 2019, when she issued her recommendation Lives saved. Rights protected. Bridging the protection gap for refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean. I recomme... 25/06/2019 | 15:54:13 Dear President, On behalf of the ALDE group, I would like to compliment both Rapporteurs Ms Zita GURMAI and Ms Elvira KOVÁCS for their excellent reports. Dear colleagues, Think of all the women you know and realise that 1 out of 3 of your female family members, friends and colleagues have experienced some form of gender-based violence since she was 15. 1 out of 10 has experienced some form of sexual violence, and 1 out of 20 has been raped. Very often the perpetrator was a current or a previous ...