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Estonian Centre Party

EE - 15165 - Tallinn

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2021 , 2020 , 2019


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  • Member: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe since 24/06/2019

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  • since 24/06/2019 Representative - Estonia

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  • Member: Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs (since 25/01/2021)
  • Full Member: Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy (from 26/06/2020 to 18/04/2021)
  • Chairperson of national delegation: Standing Committee (since 24/06/2019)
  • Full Member: Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy (from 24/06/2019 to 26/01/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Human Rights (since 14/09/2021)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights (since 19/04/2021)
  • Alternate of Mr Eerik-Niiles KROSS (Full Member): Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (since 19/04/2021)


Last speeches

30/09/2021 | 15:54:25 Honourable President, dear colleagues, I would like to thank the rapporteur for such important work. The situation on the Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish border with Belarus is not only a regional security concern for us. Currently, several dozen persons from Iraq and Afghanistan are stranded on the EU-Belarusian border. President Alexander Lukashenko uses migrant trafficking as a hybrid attack to undermine the values and the unity of the EU countries. He manipulates defenceless people, who... 23/06/2021 | 17:08:44 Honourable President, dear colleagues, There is no doubt that the topic of this report is an important one. Despite the fact that [there are] plenty of programmes to help women from under-represented groups to be more active in societies, there is a lot to be done. I am happy to see that there are governments that can be proud of their progress. Finland is an excellent example with 10 ministers out of 19 being women. This topic is important for me because of my personal experience that I have... 23/06/2021 | 10:23:03 Honourable President, Dear colleagues, There is no question about it. We have to strongly condemn the act of the Belarusian authorities in forcing a passenger plane to land on the 23rd of May and detaining Mr Protasevich and Ms Sapega. We cannot look past the violations of basic human rights and the use of violence. Not in this case nor in the previous incidents we have been observing for almost a year now. Roman Protasevich was granted political asylum in Poland and therefore must be treated... 22/06/2021 | 11:56:46 Honourable President, colleagues, rapporteur, Half of numerous European countries have introduced Covid-19 passport systems including my own home country Estonia. This system should not be used to limit our everyday actions and, worse, deepen inequality and discrimination in our societies. As Israel did in February this year, a number of countries have followed by creating Covid-19 passport apps that show whether an individual has been vaccinated against Covid-19, has recovered from Covid-19... 20/04/2021 | 09:16:09 Thank you. We have to remind ourselves that vaccine passports are nothing new. We have been using them for travelling internationally for a long time already. However, we have come to a point where a passport is not only for travelling anymore, but it is also considered for access to our everyday services. In Israel, for example, vaccinated people are already using an app on entry to gyms, pools and cultural venues. The particular question in respect of Covid-passes concerns the mutual...