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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

28/08/2015 | Doc. 13858 | Motion for a resolution Duration of the mandate of the President of the Assembly (Rule 15.5 of the Assembly's Rules of Procedure) 05/02/2015 | Doc. 13710 | Motion for a resolution The need to eradicate statelessness of children 27/01/2015 | Doc. 13686 | Motion for a resolution The status of former presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly 31/01/2011 | Doc. 12511 | Written declaration Promoting the Council of Europe Convention on the counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health (MEDICRIME Convention) 06/10/2010 | Doc. 12395 | Motion for a resolution Decent pensions for all 06/10/2010 | Doc. 12396 | Motion for a recommendation Child pornography and Internet-related sexual exploitation of children: combating new forms of sexual violence 05/10/2010 | Doc. 12385 | Motion for a resolution Parliaments united in combating sexual violence against children: promoting the Lanzarote Convention 29/09/2010 | Doc. 12373 | Motion for a resolution The portrayal of migrants and refugees during election campaigns 16/09/2009 | Doc. 12023 | Motion for a resolution Promoting volunteering in Europe as engine of democratic citizenship and social inclusion 27/04/2009 | Doc. 11875 | Motion for a recommendation Monitoring of commitments concerning social rights 02/02/2009 | Doc. 11825 | Motion for a recommendation Framing a proactive policy for public authorities in Europe aimed at preventing overweight and achieving regulation 01/07/2008 | Doc. 11675 | Motion for a resolution The death penalty in Council of Europe member and observer countries – an unacceptable violation of human rights 26/06/2008 | Doc. 11670 | Motion for a resolution Promoting active ageing – capitalising on older people’s working potential 25/06/2008 | Doc. 11661 | Written declaration Appeal on behalf of the Burmese population 25/06/2008 | Doc. 11662 | Motion for a resolution Social measures, education and rehabilitation of young offenders 24/06/2008 | Doc. 11658 | Motion for a resolution Regular monitoring of the living conditions provided to children with mental and physical disabilities living in institutions 23/03/2006 | Doc. 10858 | Motion for a resolution Health effects of the Chernobyl disaster in Europe: 20 years after, review and lessons for the future 28/04/2004 | Doc. 10166 | Motion for a recommendation A dynamic housing policy as an element of European social cohesion