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Reports and committee opinions

Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

25/01/2012 | Doc. 12850 | Motion for a resolution The need to amend Article 27 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly so as to establish German, Italian and Russian, which have hitherto been working languages, as official languages of the Assembly 07/10/2011 | Doc. 12766 | Written declaration 50th anniversary of the United Nations 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness 06/10/2011 | Doc. 12765 | Written declaration Protection of Camp Ashraf 28/04/2010 | Doc. 12228 | Motion for a resolution European cultural and educational policies through national parliaments 27/04/2010 | Doc. 12218 | Written declaration Need to eliminate activities preventing a peaceful resolution of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan 13/10/2009 | Doc. 12061 | Motion for a resolution Families' freedom of choice in education in each member state 30/09/2009 | Doc. 12048 | Motion for a resolution The milk crisis and its impact on farming 30/09/2009 | Doc. 12050 | Motion for a resolution The European Union Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 30/09/2009 | Doc. 12049 | Motion for a recommendation Preventing natural disasters 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11896 | Motion for a resolution Economic importance of raw materials contained in “end-of-life products” including their energy potential 04/02/2009 | Doc. 11832 | Motion for a resolution New human rights: regulatory frameworks on ethically sensitive issues and implementation thereof 28/01/2009 | Doc. 11816 | Motion for a resolution Genetically modified organisms (GMOs): a solution for the future?