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Reports and committee opinions

Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

04/07/2013 | Doc. 13277 | Motion for a recommendation Culture preservation in crisis and post-crisis situations 13/10/2010 | Doc. 12404 | Motion for a recommendation Governance of institutions of higher education in the European Higher Education Area 28/04/2010 | Doc. 12228 | Motion for a resolution European cultural and educational policies through national parliaments 23/06/2009 | Doc. 11966 | Written declaration The situation in Iran 06/05/2009 | Doc. 11906 | Motion for a resolution 20th anniversary of the European Committee against Torture: time to take stock 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11900 | Motion for a resolution Conferment of the Council of Europe Cultural Route label on the Cistercian sites route across Greater Europe 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11901 | Motion for a recommendation Co-ordination of the Council of Europe's Cultural Routes programme with the European Union's "European Heritage" label and encouragement of their application in Eastern Europe 01/09/2008 | Doc. 11617 | Motion for a recommendation Balanced approach to the rescuing of archaeological finds from development projects 15/04/2008 | Doc. 11578 | Motion for a resolution Protecting innovation and consumers in Europe 25/01/2008 | Doc. 11510 | Motion for a resolution The state of cultural heritage in Turkey 25/01/2008 | Doc. 11511 | Motion for a recommendation The present state of Armenian cultural treasures in Turkey 07/01/2008 | Doc. 11480 | Motion for a resolution The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages