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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

23/06/2009 | Doc. 11967 | Motion for a resolution Raising awareness in national parliaments and governments of the Council of Europe’s vital mission and need for sufficient resources 20/05/2009 | Doc. 11923 | Motion for a recommendation The strategy, governance and functioning of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11896 | Motion for a resolution Economic importance of raw materials contained in “end-of-life products” including their energy potential 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11900 | Motion for a resolution Conferment of the Council of Europe Cultural Route label on the Cistercian sites route across Greater Europe 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11901 | Motion for a recommendation Co-ordination of the Council of Europe's Cultural Routes programme with the European Union's "European Heritage" label and encouragement of their application in Eastern Europe 04/05/2009 | Doc. 11894 | Motion for a recommendation The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment 30/04/2009 | Doc. 11887 | Motion for a recommendation Improving the exchange of tax information among Council of Europe member states 29/04/2009 | Doc. 11880 | Motion for a recommendation The interception and rescue at sea of asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants 03/02/2009 | Doc. 11828 | Motion for a resolution The impact of the European Union Eastern Partnership on economic growth in Eastern Europe 28/01/2009 | Doc. 11816 | Motion for a resolution Genetically modified organisms (GMOs): a solution for the future? 28/01/2009 | Doc. 11817 | Motion for a resolution Tourism for elderly people 25/06/2008 | Doc. 11661 | Written declaration Appeal on behalf of the Burmese population 25/06/2008 | Doc. 11663 | Motion for a resolution Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code: the case of Ragip Zarakolu 24/04/2008 | Doc. 11590 | Motion for a recommendation Protecting financial aid granted by Council of Europe member countries to poor countries against the financial funds known as “vulture funds” 17/04/2008 | Doc. 11585 | Motion for a recommendation The future of the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity (“North-South Centre”) 15/04/2008 | Doc. 11578 | Motion for a resolution Protecting innovation and consumers in Europe 23/01/2008 | Doc. 11507 | Motion for a recommendation Euro-Mediterranean: call for a Council of Europe strategy 22/01/2008 | Doc. 11503 | Motion for a resolution Impact of electoral systems on women’s representation in politics 12/10/2005 | Doc. 10717 | Motion for a recommendation Immigration from Subsaharian Africa