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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

16/11/2020 | Doc. 15184 | Motion for a resolution Review of the partnership for democracy in respect of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic 01/09/2020 | Doc. 15130 | Motion for a resolution Call for an inclusive national political process in Belarus 01/09/2020 | Doc. 15131 | Motion for a resolution Urgent need for electoral reform in Belarus 11/02/2020 | Doc. 15082 | Motion for a resolution Voluntary relocation for migrants in need of humanitarian protection 03/02/2020 | Doc. 15066 | Motion for a resolution Widespread recurring violence against security, fire and medical services on New Year’s Eve: how to restore trust and the rule of law 28/01/2020 | Doc. 15049 | Motion for a resolution Political prisoners in the Russian Federation 27/04/2018 | Doc. 14554 | Written declaration Nord Stream 2 and Russian gas: new tools of hybrid war 26/04/2018 | Doc. 14546 | Motion for a resolution Reception and integration of refugees in Jordan: an example for Europe 25/01/2018 | Doc. 14489 | Motion for a resolution The treatment of people with autism and their families 28/06/2017 | Doc. 14369 | Written declaration Committee of Ministers: guidelines for civil participation in political decision making 30/01/2017 | Doc. 14261 | Motion for a resolution Strengthening co-operation with the United Nations 20/12/2016 | Doc. 14223 | Written declaration Credentials of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly 14/10/2016 | Doc. 14188 | Motion for a resolution Illegal elections in the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and in the city of Sebastopol