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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

05/02/2020 | Doc. 15078 | Motion for a resolution Food ethics in Europe: a citizen's issue that concerns all of us 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15081 | Motion for a resolution The crackdown on human rights defenders and NGOs in the field of refugee rescue, support and integration 31/01/2020 | Doc. 15061 | Written declaration Defend the rights of Julian Assange and the freedom of the press 31/01/2020 | Doc. 15060 | Written declaration Protecting the right to political representation in Catalonia 30/01/2020 | Doc. 15058 | Written declaration Condemnation of attempts at Second World War revisionism 03/07/2019 | Doc. 14870 | Written declaration Concerns about reports of crackdown on members of the LGBTI community in Azerbaijan 03/07/2019 | Doc. 14872 | Written declaration The Armenian authorities must take action to protect LGBTI persons from violence and discrimination 03/07/2019 | Doc. 14877 | Written declaration Right to know and access to information in Italy 28/06/2019 | Doc. 14938 | Written declaration Safeguard the democratic rights of Catalan parliamentarians 07/03/2019 | Doc. 14839 | Motion for a resolution Legal aspects of "autonomous" vehicles 26/01/2018 | Doc. 14494 | Motion for a resolution Strengthening the role of young people in the prevention and resolution of conflicts 25/01/2018 | Doc. 14490 | Motion for a resolution Legal aspects of the prison conditions in Turkey 25/01/2018 | Doc. 14491 | Motion for a resolution Defend human rights and the rule of law in the context of international football events