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27/06/2022 | Doc. 15577 | Motion for a resolution Impact of job insecurity on the mental health of the population 23/06/2022 | Doc. 15566 | Motion for a resolution Analysis and guidelines to guarantee the right to housing and to decent housing 04/10/2021 | Doc. 15392 | Motion for a resolution Political strategies to face the consequences of natural disasters 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15077 | Motion for a resolution For an assessment of the means and provisions to combat children's exposure to pornographic content 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15078 | Motion for a resolution Food ethics in Europe: a citizen's issue that concerns all of us 03/02/2020 | Doc. 15067 | Motion for a resolution Enhancing participation of women from vulnerable groups in political and public decision-making 04/10/2019 | Doc. 14988 | Motion for a resolution Parliamentary Assembly contribution to the establishment of an observatory of history to promote the common values of Greater Europe and peace 04/10/2019 | Doc. 14990 | Motion for a resolution Are anti-speciesism and humanism reconcilable? 03/10/2019 | Doc. 14981 | Written declaration Member States should take swift action to fully implement ICD-11 in national health systems 03/10/2019 | Doc. 14982 | Written declaration The Polish authorities must take action to eliminate hate speech by politicians and other public figures and ensure the rights to freedom of assembly and expression for LGBTI members of society 04/07/2019 | Doc. 14943 | Motion for a resolution Ways and means to respond to the migratory challenge at all institutional levels 04/07/2019 | Doc. 14944 | Motion for a resolution Acting for the health of all through healthy and sustainable food and agriculture 04/07/2019 | Doc. 14946 | Motion for a resolution Best interests of the child and policies to ensure a work-life balance