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Reports and committee opinions

Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

06/05/2020 | Doc. 15104 | Written declaration 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15078 | Motion for a resolution Food ethics in Europe: a citizen's issue that concerns all of us 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15079 | Motion for a resolution Introducing sustainable management practices in forests of the continental biogeographical region 04/02/2020 | Doc. 15072 | Motion for a resolution Re-establishing sustainable living conditions for autochthonous communities in balance with their natural environments in member States 04/02/2020 | Doc. 15071 | Motion for a resolution Prevention of abuse of mutual legal co-operation with respect to refugees and asylum seekers 04/02/2020 | Doc. 15074 | Motion for a resolution Impact of armed conflicts on transboundary environmental damage 03/02/2020 | Doc. 15067 | Motion for a resolution Enhancing participation of women from vulnerable groups in political and public decision-making 31/01/2020 | Doc. 15063 | Written declaration The members of national delegations signing this declaration regret the approval, by the Assembly, of the credentials submitted by the Russian Federation 31/01/2020 | Doc. 15062 | Written declaration Persecution of civil society in Kazakhstan: personal sanctions must be imposed and trade co-operation reviewed 28/01/2020 | Doc. 15043 | Written declaration Investigations against Hungarian opposition parties 28/01/2020 | Doc. 15045 | Motion for a resolution Justice and security for women in peace reconciliation 28/01/2020 | Doc. 15049 | Motion for a resolution Political prisoners in the Russian Federation