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06/01/2021 | Doc. 15206 | Motion for a resolution Polarisation of the political environment as a hidden danger of the displacement of the population 06/01/2021 | Doc. 15207 | Motion for a resolution Gradual cultural erasure and other threats to culture 07/10/2020 | Doc. 15162 | Motion for a resolution The impact of Brexit on human rights on the island of Ireland 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15079 | Motion for a resolution Introducing sustainable management practices in forests of the continental biogeographical region 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15081 | Motion for a resolution The crackdown on human rights defenders and NGOs in the field of refugee rescue, support and integration 04/02/2020 | Doc. 15074 | Motion for a resolution Impact of armed conflicts on transboundary environmental damage 03/02/2020 | Doc. 15069 | Motion for a resolution Gender mainstreaming of migration policies 03/02/2020 | Doc. 15070 | Motion for a resolution Employment of disabled people in Europe 31/01/2020 | Doc. 15063 | Written declaration The members of national delegations signing this declaration regret the approval, by the Assembly, of the credentials submitted by the Russian Federation 30/01/2020 | Doc. 15059 | Written declaration Support for Moldovan Parliament’s initiatives in restoring the rule of law 29/01/2020 | Doc. 15053 | Motion for a resolution Exploiting children in rural sectors of coffee and cocoa 28/01/2020 | Doc. 15046 | Motion for a resolution Follow-up to the humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine