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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

02/12/2021 | Doc. 15417 | Written declaration Possible liquidation of the civil organisation International Memorial by the Russian Government 25/06/2021 | Doc. 15333 | Motion for a resolution Call for Famagusta’s return to its lawful inhabitants 25/06/2021 | Doc. 15331 | Motion for a resolution Cases of torture and inhumane treatments in Azerbaijani prisons 25/06/2021 | Doc. 15332 | Motion for a resolution The need for renewed, effective and inclusive multilateralism 25/06/2021 | Doc. 15336 | Motion for a resolution European Convention on Human Rights and national constitutions 04/12/2020 | Doc. 15190 | Written declaration Members of the Parliamentary Assembly ask Iran not to carry out the death penalty of Ahmadreza Djalali 02/11/2020 | Doc. 15175 | Motion for a resolution Which measures can States legally take under the European Convention on Human Rights in order to crack down on Islamic extremism? 05/10/2020 | Doc. 15160 | Motion for a resolution Safeguarding peace and stability in the East Mediterranean Sea 22/06/2020 | Doc. 15119 | Motion for a resolution The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and culture 11/02/2020 | Doc. 15082 | Motion for a resolution Voluntary relocation for migrants in need of humanitarian protection 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15077 | Motion for a resolution For an assessment of the means and provisions to combat children's exposure to pornographic content 05/02/2020 | Doc. 15081 | Motion for a resolution The crackdown on human rights defenders and NGOs in the field of refugee rescue, support and integration 29/01/2020 | Doc. 15052 | Motion for a resolution Condemnation of antisemitism and of the goals of the BDS-Movement 29/01/2020 | Doc. 15053 | Motion for a resolution Exploiting children in rural sectors of coffee and cocoa