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Lluís Maria de Puig: "Protecting the environment is a question of human rights, not of principles"

Strasbourg, 08.09.2008 - "Protecting the environment, the right to live in a healthy environment, is not just a matter of applying principles by which we all set great store. It concerns the protection of a fundamental right for the citizens of our continent," said PACE President, Lluís Maria de Puig, this morning in Madrid when he gave the opening address of the colloquy being held by the Environment Committee on the theme "The role of parliaments in the management of water resources." 

He concluded "It is my aim, and one of the priorities of my presidency, to promote the adoption of an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights covering this aspect. I am counting on your committee to support my efforts in this direction."

Spain's Minister for the Environment, Elena Espinosa, also participated in the colloquy, which brought together some fifty participants. The discussions focused, among other things, on water management in the agricultural development of the Mediterranean region and the problems of urban water management. An exchange of views also took place on the stakes of the Fifth World Water Forum, to be held in Istanbul in March 2009.