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Palliative care is an essential and innovative complement to curative medicine, says PACE

PACE has recommended that member States establish a consistent and comprehensible health-policy approach to palliative care in a resolution unanimously adopted today. The Assembly sees this comprehensive treatment method complementing curative medicine as a model for innovative health and social policies.

"Palliative care is not a humanitarian luxury which we can no longer afford in the current difficult economic situation; it must be available not only to the terminally ill but also to seriously ill and chronically ill patients. Care provision is still extremely inadequate", said Wolfgang Wodarg (Germany, SOC), rapporteur on this question for the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee.

Palliative care, which includes the precise assessment and treatment of pain and other related physical, psychosocial or spiritual problems, fosters the dignity of patients and recognition of their human rights, by enabling them to decide for themselves and by enhancing their quality of life and autonomy.