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PACE Legal Affairs Committee demands legal recognition of same-sex couples

While recalling that the eradication of homophobia and transphobia requires the member states political resolve, the PACE Legal Affairs Committee meeting this morning in Paris adopted a draft resolution urging European governments to guarantee “legal recognition of same-sex partnerships” and the possibility of joint parental responsibility for each partner’s children, or even “the right of each partner to adopt the other partner’s children”.

Among the range of measures specified by the rapporteur Andreas Gross (Switzerland, SOC), the text also asks that in legislation and practice transgender persons receive a guarantee of their rights to “documents that reflect an individual’s preferred gender identity”, as well as to gender reassignment treatment.

The committee members expressed their concern over the breach of the rights to freedom of assembly and expression of LGBT persons in several Council of Europe member states, and over “hate speech by certain public figures, including religious leaders”.