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PACE President calls for a Council of Europe Summit

PACE President calls for a Council of Europe summit

Speaking on the occasion of the 121st session of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers meeting in Istanbul today, PACE President Mevlüt Cavusoglu stressed that he personally considered that a Council of Europe summit was needed to ensure the necessary level of political commitment to implement the measures proposed by the Group of Eminent Persons of the Council of Europe in their report on “Living together – combining diversity and freedom in 21st century Europe”.

“Such a Summit would mark the new start for a reformed Council of Europe with the European Union as member to the European Convention on Human Rights. It would also highlight the unique capacity of our Organisation to cover a united, but multi-polar Europe – comprising the European Union, but also non-European Union member states which have a wide experience to offer and share,” the PACE President stressed.

He also recalled that PACE had instruments ready at hand now that revolutionary changes were shaking the Arab world. “Our policy is quite simple – we offer partnership based on mutual respect and no double standards, and expect from our partners the willingness to apply our principles and standards,” he said, announcing that PACE planned to grant partnership status to the Parliament of Morocco in June and to the Palestinian National Council in October. “We already have a co-operation agreement with the Parliament of Kazakhstan, which is also considering becoming a 'partner'. We are intensifying co-operation with Tunisia and we stand ready to observe the elections to the Constituent Assembly in July. At the invitation of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, I will visit this country at the end of June,” he said.