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PACE former rapporteur Dick Marty reacts to confirmation of a secret CIA prison in Romania

Strasbourg, 08.12.2011 – “Five years ago we put forward substantial elements of proof of a secret CIA prison in Romania. There have been years of official denials since then. But the dynamic of truth has run its course and we are at last beginning to learn what really happened in Bucharest. I am pleased that the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly made its contribution by jump-starting this dynamic. Those responsible for the crimes committed – and their cover-up – should now be held to account in a court of law.

It is regrettable that the task of discovering the truth was not carried out by the political or judicial authorities but – fortunately – by the press. To this day, there has still been no serious judicial inquiry in Romania. Certain people who strongly criticised the Assembly’s report would have been better off investing their energy in digging out the truth, rather than rubbishing the work of those committed to throwing light on what has proved to be a dark chapter for justice and democracy in recent years.”