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PACE President welcomes European Parliament resolution on illegal detention of prisoners by the CIA

Strasbourg, 11.09.2012 – “I warmly welcome today’s European Parliament resolution on the illegal detention of prisoners in European countries by the CIA,” said Jean-Claude Mignon, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

“It is now more than five years since Senator Dick Marty first presented to PACE credible evidence of secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania, and the involvement of other European countries in illegal renditions. Much of what he said has been subsequently confirmed, but national judicial or parliamentary investigations into how secret detentions and torture could take place on European soil – and who was responsible – have been, frankly, painfully inadequate. All too often, ‘state secrets’ have been invoked without justification to shield wrongdoing.

The new resolution confirms that this dark chapter of European history cannot be buried, and that the process of accountability continues. Senator Marty always said that ‘the dynamic of truth’ would eventually prevail, and I commend our sister parliamentarians in the EU for carrying that dynamic forward.

The fight against terrorism will only be effective if it is conducted in a way which fully respects human rights and the rule of law. I sincerely hope that European governments will – at last – understand this essential lesson.”