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“Truth’s onward march continues in the case of the illegal CIA detentions”

“Seven years ago, Senator Dick Marty made his first presentation to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly of credible evidence about the existence of secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania, and the involvement of other European countries in illegal renditions. His statements were subsequently confirmed, as witness the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights made public today in the cases of Al Nashiri and Husayn against Poland”, said Anne Brasseur, President of the PACE.

The cases concerned the consignment of two men suspected of terrorist acts to secret places of detention maintained by the CIA in Poland, where brutal interrogation methods – called ‘enhanced’ – were used.

“Our former colleague Dick Marty always asserted that that ‘truth’s onward march’ would finally prevail, and today I pay tribute to him because this process is going ahead”, the President concluded.