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Disability: putting an end to the culture of institutionalisation

“Equality and inclusion for people with disabilities are rarely seen as priorities and these people are often invisible to the rest of the population,” the Assembly stated in a debate held today in Strasbourg.

In a resolution adopted on the basis of the report by Carmen Quintanilla (Spain, EPP/CD), the PACE called on member States to put an end to the culture of institutionalisation, by giving consideration to alternatives to care in institutions and, with regard to legal capacity, to introduce supported decision-making mechanisms.

The Assembly expressed its concern about the scale of the problem of violence against people with disabilities, in particular women and children, and recommended that disability is fully taken into account in national policies to combat violence.

The Assembly further stated that member States should also take steps to assist people with disabilities in finding employment and protect them against discrimination in hiring and throughout their careers.

Lastly, the Assembly recommended that the Committee of Ministers evaluate the implementation of the Council of Europe Action Plan for people with disabilities 2006-2015 and draw up, on this basis, a new road map for the period 2016 to 2020.