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PACE urges reform of ‘dysfunctional’ Dublin asylum system, creation of ‘European refugee’ status

The EU’s Dublin system, which determines which country is responsible for treating asylum applications, is dysfunctional and ineffective and should be urgently reformed to ensure “equitable burden sharing” among member States, according to PACE.

“Recent events in Germany, Austria, Hungary and elsewhere show that the Dublin system has already collapsed and must be reformed as a matter of urgency,” said the Assembly, approving a resolution based on a report by Michele Nicoletti (Italy, SOC).

The parliamentarians urged the creation of a “European refugee” status, enabling beneficiaries of international protection to transfer residence and other rights between EU countries.

Other proposals included mutual recognition of positive national status-determination decisions, “joint” processing of asylum applications and other measures to ensure “burden sharing” across the continent.

Without reform, there was a risk states might suspend or withdraw from the Dublin system, which would cause “chaos and confusion”, the Assembly warned.