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Call for 'adequate safeguards' for parliamentary action in the international context

“Parliamentarians do not enjoy specific status underlined the PACE today. Accordingly, and in order to to take account of the specific nature of parliamentary action, at international level and to protect those performing it, national parliamentarians should “be afforded adequate safeguards in relation to third countries when travelling abroad in the course of their duties and be covered by a fixed, standardised framework of rights and privileges”.

By adopting a resolution after Liliane Maury Pasquier (Switzerland, SOC) presented the report by Arcadio Diaz-Tejera (Spain, SOC), the PACE invited all member states to rally round to protect the status of their parliamentarians and avoid any violation or infringement of their security in the future.

It also reiterated its belief that “blacklists” cannot be allowed without undermining the Council of Europe’s values and impeding the effort to promote peace and human rights.

It was further noted that this report should be seen not as a call for all sorts of immunities, including from criminal prosecution, or as endangering countries that are in a difficult situation, but, on the contrary, as promoting freedom of movement and legal certainty.