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Migration crisis: call for improved funding for emergency situations

“It is the political and moral responsibility of all European countries to contribute financially to dealing with the current migration and refugee crisis, according to the means at their disposal,” declared PACE today. The Assembly went on to say that these countries must do their utmost to allocate funds where needs are greatest, keeping administrative costs and structural obstacles to a minimum.

Parliamentarians also expressed regret over the fact that the complex decision-making and budgetary procedures and slow implementation of EU programmes on the ground, make it difficult to put the necessary infrastructure in place and provide assistance in a timely manner.

In a resolution adopted on the basis of the report by Cezar Florin Preda (Romania, EPP/CD), PACE encouraged European countries to “step up the financial burden-sharing of the current situation”, including through frameworks for co-operation such as those of the EU, the UNHCR and international humanitarian organisations. It also welcomed the humanitarian assistance provided through other channels, for instance the targeted loans of the Council of Europe Development Bank.

Lastly, the Assembly called on the EU to “continue its funding to improve reception conditions, accelerate asylum procedures and encourage short- and medium-term integration of migrants and refugees”, alongside additional measures to reinforce security, border controls and returns systems.