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All speeches by heads of state and government to PACE since 1949 online

The full speeches by all heads of state or government who have addressed the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) since its creation in 1949 have been placed online.

The fruit of a two-year project, the archive on the Assembly’s website features a total of 263 speeches – reproduced in both English and French – by 216 Presidents, Prime Ministers or monarchs from 45 countries, spanning a period of 70 years.

Searchable by country, by name or chronologically, it includes addresses by most of the great figures to have shaped the post-war history of Europe as well as the “founding fathers” of the European institutions.

Eight monarchs feature in the list, as well as one pope, and a number of leaders from countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Some 30 individual Presidents and Prime Ministers spoke before the Assembly more than once.

“This trove brings together, for the first time, the ‘voices of Europe’ – those who, at the pinnacle of their national life, came before our Assembly to find solutions to the political problems of their day, reflect on our values or share their visions for the future,” said PACE President Michele Nicoletti.

“Not only will historians and researchers find here a wealth of material made newly accessible, these words serve as a reminder – in these difficult times for the continent – of the passion, the courage and the determination of the men and women who built Europe, and the enduring power of the values they sought to uphold.”