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COVID-19: Assembly President launches #PACEvoices

The PACE President today launched a new hashtag initiative #PACEvoices to interact with his fellow MPs - as well as a larger public - on social media in times of physical distancing.

« We are more than 600 women and men from 47 countries, all elected members of parliament. The cornerstone of what we defend is the European Convention on Human Rights, so we defend fundamental freedoms, the equality of sexes, the rule of law and of course democracy. The Coronavirus may be distances us, but it cannot silence us. Our voices can be heard, so why don’t you use the #PACEvoices? Join the family, » he announces in his video message.

« Current lockdown measures have had a direct effect on our work and on our social interactions, including the way we communicate with others. Social media – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – are becoming more and more the main source of information and communication. This shift should not be seen in a negative light. It offers an excellent opportunity to use these tools as a means of avoiding that this temporary physical distancing turns into a long-term decline in our social interactions. This new initiative is therefore bringing us virtually together by offering our "voices" a new social media platform during this period of COVID-19. I hope you will all join it! » the PACE President concluded.