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PACE Secretary General at the Youth Space 2023 Conference in Berlin
©Deutscher Bundestag/ Photothek.de/ Thomas Köhler

PACE Secretary General: ‘If we want to rethink and innovate democracy, young people must be heard and...

16/11/2023 | Secretary General of the Assembly

“We need to rethink and innovate democracy” so that it is equipped to tackle the problems of today and, at the same time, is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. “We can only achieve this if young people are heard and involved, on an equal footing and in a balanced way, in the political...


PACE rapporteur urges swift creation of a tribunal to try Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, ‘as...

14/11/2023 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Davor Stier (Croatia, EPP/CD), the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly’s rapporteur on the legal and human rights aspects of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, has sent the following message to the 'core group' of 38 countries willing to establish a special tribunal for the crime of...

Tiny Kox speaking at World Forum for Democracy

PACE President reminds Council of Europe leaders of their pledges to uphold democratic principles

06/11/2023 | President

PACE President Tiny Kox has reminded Council of Europe leaders of the pledges they made at the Reykjavik Summit a few months ago to uphold the principles of democracy – and expressed his conviction that these principles, if properly applied, can help to prevent war. Speaking at the opening...

Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform

At Crimea Platform, PACE President urges international community to remain united in supporting Ukraine

24/10/2023 | President

PACE President Tiny Kox has again urged the international community to remain united and focused on bringing a just peace to Ukraine, fully restoring its territorial integrity, ensuring justice for victims, and holding Russia to account. Speaking at the second parliamentary summit of the...

Parliament - Skopje, North Macedonia

Conference in Skopje to further promote the European integration of the Western Balkans

20/10/2023 | Parliamentary Support

A conference on inter-parliamentary dialogue to further promote the European integration of the Western Balkans was organised on Friday 20 October in Skopje by the PACE Inter-parliamentary Co-operation and Project Support Division, the PACE Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, and the...

Bern book presentation

New ‘road map’ for handling elections in times of crisis published as Switzerland marks 60 years in the...

12/10/2023 | Election observation

A “road map” for handling elections in times of crisis – a new publication setting out the conclusions of May’s successful conference in Bern on this theme – was launched today at a reception marking the 60th anniversary of Switzerland’s accession to the Council of Europe. The 58-page illustrated...


The '46' should develop additional tools to promote democratic security

12/10/2023 | Session

The price of war will always be much higher than that of preventing it. However, after a gradual decline, the number of armed conflicts in the world started to rise again in 2010. Some "35 conflicts are currently ongoing, and the international order has been put under an existential threat as a...

Iulian Bulia (Romania, ALDE)

PACE condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine, calls for comprehensive, just and lasting peace

12/10/2023 | Session

PACE today condemned Russia's ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine, stressing the importance of upholding Council of Europe standards and calling for “a united front to stop the aggression and win a peace which is comprehensive, just and lasting, ensuring that the rule of law prevails over...

Béatrice FRESKO-ROLFO (Monaco, ALDE)

Preventing and combating violence against women with disabilities

11/10/2023 | Session

PACE today emphasised that violence against women with disabilities, whether physical, sexual, psychological or economic, remained a taboo subject. The parliamentarians believe that society infantilises women with disabilities by not allowing them to make informed choices about their lives...

Dialogue with representatives of Russian democratic opposition forces

PACE to create a ‘contact platform’ for dialogue with representatives of Russian democratic opposition forces

10/10/2023 | Political Affairs and Democracy

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is to create a “recurring contact platform” for dialogue with representatives of Russian democratic opposition forces who share Council of Europe values, fully respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and condemn Russia’s war of aggression...

Photo group of the participants in the exchange of views with Prof. Carole Mathelin on "Breast cancer and the right to a healthy environment"

An exchange of views highlights the correlation between the environment and breast cancer

10/10/2023 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

“The environment clearly has an impact on the development of breast cancer,” said Professor Carole Mathelin, a Hospital Practitioner specialising in breast cancer surgery, who has developed a research project to establish the link between the environment and breast cancer. She was speaking at an...

Sammad Seyidov

Preventing far-right extremism by strengthening adherence to Council of Europe core values

10/10/2023 | Session

PACE today expressed its concern about the increase in recent years of far-right violence, driven by xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance, stressing that a number of member States consider forms of far-right terrorism “the fastest growing or most prominent domestic security threat...