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Albania: pre-electoral delegation welcomes that voters will have a variety of choices, remains concerned...

02/06/2017 | Election observation

The pre-electoral delegation welcomed that parliamentary elections on 25 June will be held with the participation of the main opposition parties, thus providing voters with a meaningful variety of choices.

Delegation on pre-electoral visit to Albania

24/05/2017 | Election observation

A PACE delegation, headed by Paolo Corsini, will make a pre-electoral visit to Albania on 1-2 June to assess the election campaign and the political climate prior to the parliamentary elections on 25 June.

Turkey’s constitutional referendum: an unlevel playing field

17/04/2017 | Election observation

The 16 April constitutional referendum in Turkey was contested on an unlevel playing field, and the two sides in the campaign did not have equal opportunities, the international observers concluded in a statement released today.

PACE to observe the referendum on constitutional amendments in Turkey

10/04/2017 | Election observation

Following an invitation from the authorities, the PACE will send a 20-member delegation to Turkey to observe the conduct of the referendum on constitutional amendments, alongside observers from the OSCE-ODIHR.

Presidential election in Serbia: statement of the PACE observer delegation

03/04/2017 | Election observation

On the invitation of the Serbian authorities, a multiparty delegation from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, led by Ingebjørg Godskesen, observed the Presidential election in Serbia on 2 April 2017.

Armenian elections well administered, but process tainted by credible information of vote-buying

03/04/2017 | Election observation

Despite legal and technical reforms to reduce electoral irregularities, the elections were tainted by credible information about vote-buying and pressure on voters, Assembly observers said.

PACE to observe presidential election in Serbia

29/03/2017 | Election observation

A 12-member delegation of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), led by Ingebjørg Godskesen (Norway, EC), will travel to Serbia to observe the conduct of the presidential election on 2 April.

PACE to observe parliamentary elections in Armenia

28/03/2017 | Election observation

A 22-member delegation, led by Liliane Maury-Pasquier, will travel to Armenia to observe the conduct of the elections, on 2 April, alongside observers from the OSCE-PA, the European Parliament and the OSCE-ODIHR.

Contestants in Bulgarian elections could reach out to voters freely, but some recommendations remain to be...

27/03/2017 | Election observation

Contestants in Bulgaria’s elections could reach out to voters freely, while the low-key campaign was generally characterised by public disillusionment with politics and election weariness, observers concluded.

PACE to observe parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

22/03/2017 | Election observation

A 15-member delegation led by Marie-Christine Dalloz will travel to Bulgaria from 24 to 27 March to observe the conduct of the parliamentary elections, alongside observers from the OSCE Office for ODIHR.

Pre-electoral mission to Armenia: transparency of electoral process but fears that irregularities could recur

23/02/2017 | Election observation

The delegation supports the opinion of the Venice Commission, which concluded that the electoral legislation allows for the organisation of free and democratic elections, if it is applied in good faith and if there is a political will.

PACE delegation on pre-electoral visit to Armenia

21/02/2017 | Election observation

A delegation headed by Liliane Maury-Pasquier, will make a pre-electoral visit to Armenia on 22-23 February to assess the electoral campaign and the political climate prior to the parliamentary elections on 2 April.