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Anti-racism day: Afrophobia is still rife in Europe and beyond, warns general rapporteur

20/03/2020 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

On 21 March 1960, 69 people were killed by police forces in Sharpeville, South Africa, while peacefully protesting against apartheid laws. Sixty years later, Afrophobia, or racism against people of African descent, is still rife in Europe and beyond,” said Momodou Malcolm Jallow.

'Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation', PACE rapporteur recalls

06/02/2020 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

On the occasion of the International day of 'zero tolerance for female genital mutilation', Béatrice Fresko-Rolfo reaffirms that the Council of Europe firmly condemns all forms of violence against women.

Reliable advice and information for modern contraception accessible to all

04/12/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

All types of modern contraception “should be accessible and affordable for everyone”, irrespective of their sex, social or national origin and any other status, says the Equality Committee.

Preventing violence and discrimination against religious minorities amongst refugees in Europe

02/12/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The committee called upon member States to express their political will to ensure greater protection to refugees and asylum-seekers by preventing religiously motivated violence and discrimination.

Parliaments free of sexism and sexual harassment

27/11/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Following a joint IPU-PACE study carried out in 2018 on “Sexism, harassment and violence against women in parliaments in Europe” the Committee on Equality has produced an information brochure.

Rapporteur’s visit to Sweden focuses on ‘the gender dimension of foreign policy’

08/10/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Petra Stienen will conduct a fact-finding visit to Sweden in the context of the preparation of her report on “The gender dimension of foreign policy”, during which she will meet, in particular, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Lawful profiling – how?

12/09/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

At a hearing on « ethnic profiling in Europe », organised by the Equality Committee, the rapporteur Boriss Cilevics stressed the importance of a clear definition of the conditions under which profiling can be lawful.

Gynaecological and obstetrical violence: lifting the taboo

12/09/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

"Gynaecological and obstetrical violence are a form of violence that has has long remained taboo. It is however a widespread phenomenon and women are victims of it in many countries," Maryvonne Blondin said.

Preventing discrimination caused by the use of artificial intelligence

12/09/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The emergence of artificial intelligence that is not subject to regulation under a sovereign and independent democratic process risks leading to increasing human rights violations, stressed Christophe Lacroix.

Committee hails positive impact of the Istanbul Convention, urges states to implement it

05/06/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Equality Committee has reiterated its “firm support” for the Istanbul Convention and urged Council of Europe member States to sign, ratify and fully implement it without further delay.

Gender equality: defending acquis and making further progress through strong political commitment

05/06/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Concerned about a backlash against women's rights, the Equality Commission called for increased vigilance and political commitment to secure further advances in gender equality.

Attacks on LGBTI people are attacks on equality and democracy

16/05/2019 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

"Today, more than ever, let us stand up for justice and protection for all,” said Violeta Tomić, Rapporteur on the rights of LGBTI people, on the eve of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.