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Redesigning schools for ‘digital citizens’

29/11/2019 | Standing Committee

Approving a report by Constantinos Efstathiou, PACE has urged European governments to overhaul teaching so that children are better equipped to handle the new digital environment.

PACE welcomes steps taken by Interpol to end abuse, but says more can be done

29/11/2019 | Standing Committee

PACE has welcomed recent steps taken by Interpol to end the abuse of Red Notices and Wanted Persons Diffusions, but says more needs to be done to improve transparency and accountability.

Media education is essential to combat the information disorder

29/11/2019 | Standing Committee

The new media environment facilitates access to multiple sources of information but exposes users to the threat of information disorder, the Parliamentary Assembly, meeting in Strasbourg at Standing Committee level, said today.

Standing Committee to meet in Strasbourg

15/11/2019 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Strasbourg on Friday 29 November, on the occasion of the Georgian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (November 2019-May 2020).

The French Presidency is ‘politically symbolic’ as the Council of Europe marks its 70th anniversary

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

Liliane Maury Pasquier gave her full support to the priorities of the French Chairmanship and recalled the “very special symbolic political significance” of this presidency which comes as the organisation marks its 70th anniversary.

Carole Bureau-Bonnard: 'The Council of Europe, an irreplaceable forum for dialogue'

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

“The Council of Europe represents an irreplaceable forum for its 47 member states to maintain ongoing political dialogue,” said the Vice-President of the French National Assembly at the opening of the Standing Committee meeting.

Sustainable urban development fostering social inclusion

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

Urban development requires robust public service, effective co-operation between public and private sectors and citizen participation, the Standing Committee said, adopting a report prepared by Sybille Benning.

Addressing the health needs of adolescents in Europe

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

Adolescents should participate in decisions about relevant health policies “for meeting their needs and developing efficient health systems”, the Parliamentary Assembly, meeting in Paris at Standing Committee level, said today.

Declaring clean air a basic human right, PACE slams diesel as a ‘public health disaster’

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

Declaring clean air as “a basic human right”, PACE’s Standing Committee has urged states to reverse policies which favour or tolerate diesel vehicles, declaring them “a disaster from a public health perspective”.

Developing a Europe-wide tool for recognising cultural competences

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has proposed that the CoE and the European Commission reflect on the creation of a tool to recognise the competences developed by young people participating in arts and culture.

Partnership with the Parliament of Morocco: a positive assessment

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

After seven years of implementation of the partnership for democracy between the Parliament of Morocco and PACE, the Standing Committee has made a “positive assessment” of its results, stressing the progress in strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law.

Amélie de Montchalin: ‘The Council of Europe, the best example of what multilateralism can achieve’

24/05/2019 | Standing Committee

“Despite the difficulties it is facing, the Council of Europe remains the best example of what effective and ambitious multilateralism can achieve,” says Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of State for European Affairs.