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Monitors urge Azerbaijani authorities to allow peaceful demonstrations

19/02/2020 | Monitoring

The co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Azerbaijan by the Assembly, Stefan Schennach and Sir Roger Gale, are deeply worried by the escalation of police violence against peaceful demonstrators.

PACE monitors express their deep concern and expectations ahead of Turkey trials

17/02/2020 | Monitoring

PACE Turkey monitors Thomas Hammarberg and John Howell have expressed their deep concern and expectations ahead of two trials of civil society activists to be held in Turkey this week.

Monitors call on Armenian authorities to request a Venice Commission opinion on constitutional and related...

06/02/2020 | Monitoring

The Parliament decided to hold an extraordinary session in order to discuss a series of amendments that would remove the requirement for the Constitutional Court to check the compliance of draft legislation with the Constitution

PACE rapporteurs deeply regret signing into law of controversial amendments to Common Courts and Supreme...

06/02/2020 | Monitoring

The co-rapporteurs on the functioning of democratic institutions in Poland, Azadeh Rojhan Gustafsson and Pieter Omtzigt, have expressed their deep regret at the signing into law by President Duda of the controversial amendments.

Albania: rapporteurs welcome agreement between opposition and ruling majority on electoral reform

15/01/2020 | Monitoring

The monitoring co-rapporteurs for Albania welcomed the agreement reached between the main opposition parties, the parliamentary opposition and the ruling majority on the framework of co-operation on electoral reform.

Monitors call on Azerbaijan to comply with Strasbourg Court ruling and annul sentences against Ilgar Mammadov

07/01/2020 | Monitoring

Stefan Schennach and Sir Roger Gale express their regret at the non-enforcement by Azerbaijan of the decision of the Court of Human Rights with regard to the annulment of the court sentences against Ilgar Mammadov.

Committee urges Poland to revisit reforms which ‘severely damage’ judicial independence and the rule of law

13/12/2019 | Monitoring

Reforms of the judiciary and justice system in Poland “cumulatively undermine and severely damage the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law”, PACE’s Monitoring Committee has said.

Monitors regret appointment of 14 judges by Georgian parliament

13/12/2019 | Monitoring

Titus Corlatean and Claude Kern regret the decision of the Georgian parliament to appoint 14 judges to the Supreme Court, against the recommendation of the international community, including the Assembly.

Committee reviews progress of States under monitoring in 2019

11/12/2019 | Monitoring

The committee adopted the report by Sir Roger Gale, which takes stock of its activities in 2019 and makes an assessment of the progress of the countries subject to monitoring or engaged in post-monitoring dialogue.

Rapporteurs deplore failure of Georgian parliament to pass constitutional amendments on proportional...

14/11/2019 | Monitoring

The rapporteurs for the monitoring of Georgia express their deep regret at the failure of the Parliament to pass the Constitutional amendments required to introduce a fully proportional election system for the 2020 elections.

Albania: monitors call on all political forces to overcome political crisis and commit to electoral reform

07/11/2019 | Monitoring

Following a visit to Tirana, Andrej Hunko and Joseph O’Reilly, have called on all political forces in Albania to show the political will to resolve the systemic political crisis that has plagued the country.

Albania: monitoring visit by PACE rapporteurs

24/10/2019 | Monitoring

Andrej Hunko and Joseph O’Reilly, co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of obligations and commitments by Albania, will make a fact-finding visit to Tirana, during which they will meet the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament.