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Discrimination and violence against refugee women

22/06/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

On 22 June, the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination and the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons held a joint hearing on discrimination and violence against refugee women.

Grief and outrage at mass homophobic shootings in Orlando

13/06/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“The targeting of a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, this weekend in a mass shooting is a horrific act of hate and of terror,” said Jonas Gunnarsson, General rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people.

The Swedish way to gender equality

02/06/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

On 17-18 May, the PACE Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination held a meeting at the Riksdag in Stockholm, at the invitation of Jonas Gunnarsson, Chairperson of the Swedish delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly.

All forces needed to combat racism

01/06/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Milena Santerini, General Rapporteur on combating racism and intolerance, presented the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance to civil society organisations and the media at the Council of Europe Liaison office in Brussels.

Homophobia, transphobia, biphobia... Human rights still under threat

17/05/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

While genuine progress has been made in combating discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, for many LGBT people, heinous attacks, prejudice and discrimination are still part of their everyday life.

Women in the armed forces: it is vital to change mentalities

17/05/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Assembly's Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination has deplored the fact that gender-based harassment and assaults against women are still frequent within the armed forces.

Milena Santerini: ‘Learning from the past to build a better future with Roma’

07/04/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

In 2016 Roma and Travellers in Europe are still discriminated against, stigmatised and targeted by hate speech,” said Milena Santerini, General Rapporteur on combating against racism and intolerance, to mark International Roma Day.

Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: 'the fight is far from won'

21/03/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

"While significant progress has been achieved globally in combating racial discrimination in the last decades, the fight is far from won", PACE Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination stated.

Racist acts recently perpetrated against Roma women cannot be accepted

18/03/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Milena Santerini, General Rapporteur against Racism and Intolerance today condemned the hateful and racist acts perpetrated by football supporters in the streets of European cities against Roma women.

Committee calls for renewed commitment in the fight against antisemitism

11/03/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Stressing that targeted attacks against the Jewish community demonstrate that antisemitism is not a curse of the past, but today's threat, the committee urges governments to consider this fight as a priority.

Beyond quotas: time to shift to parity

11/03/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

With a view to increase women's political representation, PACE's member, observer and partner for democracy states should consider introducing the principle of parity in the Constitution, the committee concluded.

Hearing highights the dangers of radicalisation at local level

11/03/2016 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“I want to ensure that children no longer leave home to die”, said Véronique Roy, the mother of a young man converted to Islam, who became radicalised and left for the Jihad in Syria, during committee hearing.