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Political and financial commitments to increase political participation of persons with disabilities

10/03/2017 | Standing Committee

Guaranteeing observance of the political rights of people with disabilities is a democratic issue, “raising questions with regard to the inclusiveness and efficiency of democratic systems,” said the Standing Committee.

Standing Committee warmly welcomes King Felipe's strong commitment to European values

10/03/2017 | Standing Committee

King Felipe VI of Spain, receiving the representatives of the PACE for a private audience marking 40 years of Spain’s membership in the Organisation, confirmed that he will address the Assembly on the occasion of its next sessions.

Exchange of views with Russian parliament representatives on co-operation with PACE

10/03/2017 | Standing Committee

Since my election as President, I have invested time and efforts to maintain dialogue with the Russian Parliament because we are an Assembly of 47, not 46, said Pedro Agramunt after an exchange of views in Madrid.

Standing Committee to meet in Madrid

06/03/2017 | Standing Committee

Discussions with Christian Ahlund, Chair of the ECRI and with representatives of the Russian Parliament on modalities of co-operation between the Parliamentary Assembly and the Russian Parliament in 2017 are among the items on the agenda.

PACE fully supports Cypriot President and the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community in their efforts to...

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

“We come to Cyprus at what could be a historic period for the ongoing process of talks on the reconciliation of the island and its people,” said President Pedro Agramunt, addressing the Standing Committee in Nicosia today.

Cyprus’ priorities for its Chairmanship: reinforcing democratic security in Europe and promoting co-operation

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

Addressing the Standing Committee in Nicosia today, Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides gave an overview of the country’s priorities for its Chairmanship of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers.

Demetris Syllouris: living in peace and in security is not self-evident

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

"Living in peace and security is not a matter of course and it is more than ever essential to defend the core values and principles of the Council of Europe," said Demetris Syllouris, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Cyprus.

Aleppo: call for immediate halt to aerial bombardments by Syrian and Russian forces

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee called for an “end by Syrian and Russian forces to all aerial bombardments of the city” and the implementation of the ceasefire agreement of September 2016.

Heath care services available and accessible for all of Europe's children

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee, meeting in Nicosia today, has called on the member States to ensure “adequate funding to develop health care systems to be provided to all children in an equitable manner across every country”.

PACE encourages bans on ‘fracking’ in favour of cleaner and safer energy alternatives

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

“Hydraulic fracturing raises a number of concerns related to public health and environmental protection”, said the Standing Committee who urged member States to adopt strong legislation in this field.

Call for an inclusive constituent process to tackle today’s challenges

25/11/2016 | Standing Committee

"It is urgent and imperative for the Council of Europe to adapt to today’s context and be better equipped to tackle current challenges," underlined the Standing Committee adopting today a declaration in Nicosia.

Standing Committee to meet in Cyprus

14/11/2016 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Nicosia on Friday 25 November, in the context of the Cypriot Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (22 November 2016 – 19 May 2017).