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PACE ratifies the credentials of the Russian Federation

29/01/2020 | Session

PACE has ratified the credentials of the Russian parliamentary delegation – by 96 votes to 44, with 7 abstentions – after they were challenged on substantive grounds on the opening day of the session.

Election of a Vice-President in respect of the Russian Federation

28/01/2020 | Session

The Assembly held a vote by secret ballot on the election of the candidate proposed by the Russian delegation, Piotr Tolstoy. The voting took place yesterday and the results were announced this morning.

'The Holocaust is more than just history'

28/01/2020 | Session

"The Holocaust is part of our collective memory. It is our duty to make sure that never again may such atrocities happen,” said Rik Daems, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Salome Zurabichvili: ‘Georgia has consolidated its democratic institutions’

28/01/2020 | Session

“Georgia's accession to the Council of Europe 21 years ago has marked the start of a path towards the transformation of our society, the liberation of the individual, the democratisation of the political system, the consolidation of democratic institutions, and a state based on the rule of law...

Six national delegations challenged on ground of gender-balance have their credentials approved

28/01/2020 | Session

The credentials of six national delegations, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland, challenged at the opening of the session on grounds of gender-balance, have been approved.

Piotr Tolstoy elected Assembly Vice-President in respect of the Russian Federation

28/01/2020 | Session

In the second round of voting Piotr Tolstoy did obtain an absolute majority of the votes cast, with more than half the number of representatives having voted. He is therefore elected as a PACE Vice-President.

PACE elects Mattias Guyomar judge to the European Court of Human Rights in respect of France

28/01/2020 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly today elected Mattias Guyomar as judge to the European Court of Human Rights in respect of France for a term of office of nine years which shall commence as from 22 June 2020.

PACE decides to open monitoring of Poland over rule of law

28/01/2020 | Session

PACE decides to open a monitoring procedure for Poland over the functioning of its democratic institutions. Recent reforms “severely damage the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law”.

Call on member States to remedy quickly and effectively any threats to media freedom

28/01/2020 | Session

Threats to media freedom have become so numerous that they are jeopardising not only citizens’ right to be properly informed but also “the stability and smooth functioning of our democratic societies”, the Assembly said today.

Opening of the Winter Session 2020

27/01/2020 | Session

The Assembly will hold an urgent debate on the international obligations concerning the repatriation of children from war zones, and a current affairs debate on recent developments in Libya and in the Middle East.

PACE elects its Vice-Presidents

27/01/2020 | Session

At the opening of its plenary Session, the Assembly elected its Vice-Presidents. Twenty Vice-Presidents are elected annually at the beginning of an ordinary session and remain in office until the opening of the next session.

PACE reviews the work of its subsidiary bodies since last session

27/01/2020 | Session

The progress report which covers the activities and decisions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s subsidiary bodies since the last session was presented today in plenary.