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Estonia is taking over the Council of Europe Chairmanship at a very difficult time, says Pedro Agramunt

27/05/2016 | Standing Committee

"Estonia is taking over the Council of Europe Chairmanship at a very difficult time, with hostilities being renewed between some member States, and the threat of terrorism creating a sense of insecurity", said Pedro Agramunt.

Estonia’s priorities for its Chairmanship: human rights, rule of law on the Internet, gender equality...

27/05/2016 | Standing Committee

The Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand gave a detailed overview of the country’s priorities for its Chairmanship of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers: human rights and rule of law on the Internet, gender equality and children’s rights.

Integration helps advance the values we share, says Speaker of Estonian Parliament

27/05/2016 | Standing Committee

“Integration is important in terms of our national security, it makes sense politically and economically, but it also helps advance the values we share and provides an important societal and cultural connection,” said the Speaker of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor.

Promoting cultural co-operation between cities to re-energise democracy

27/05/2016 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee, meeting in Tallinn, called on member states to foster city-to-city co-operation in the field of culture, so as to re-energise democracy, increase the stability of regions and restore confidence in Europe.

PACE condemns human rights violations during peaceful protests

27/05/2016 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee, meeting in Tallinn, expressed its concern at the frequent use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators and at the recent restrictions on the right to freedom of assembly in several member States.

Exchange of views between the parliamentarians, the President of the GRECO and the Chair of MONEYVAL

27/05/2016 | Standing Committee

“Corruption must no longer be considered as a crime without victims, for it undermines the rule of law and access to public resources” said today in Tallinn, Marin Mrčela, President of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO).

Standing Committee to meet in Tallinn

19/05/2016 | Standing Committee

PACE Standing Committee will meet in Tallinn on Friday 27 May at the Riigikogu (Parliament), in the context of the Estonian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (18 May – 22 November 2016).

Detention of Ilgar Mammadov: 'Solutions can be and need to be found', says PACE President

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

Following his recent visit to Azerbaijan, PACE President Pedro Agramunt, adressing PACE's Standing Committee in Paris today, referred to the detention of Ilgar Mammadov, whom he met during his visit.

The draft revised Convention on Cinematographic Co-production should provide for a monitoring body

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

In its opinion on the draft Council of Europe Convention on Cinematographic Co-production, PACE proposed to set up a monitoring body with the functions to achieve better co-ordination of the implementation of the convention.

Data collection: an essential tool to combat violence against women

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

In unanimously adopting a resolution on “Systematic collection of data on violence against women”, the Standing Committee stressed that violence against women cannot be combatted effectively without reliable data.

PACE names four states whose laws risk leaving children stateless

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

Laws on nationality in Cyprus, Norway, Romania and Switzerland “contain insufficient or no safeguards against childhood statelessness, in breach of regional and international obligations,” according to the Standing Committee.

A new role for libraries and museums as ‘digital hubs’

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

The Parliamentary Assembly is urging Europe’s governments to increase support for libraries and museums as “digital hubs” for local communities, and fresh “strategic thinking” on how to renew their role.