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Data collection: an essential tool to combat violence against women

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

In unanimously adopting a resolution on “Systematic collection of data on violence against women”, the Standing Committee stressed that violence against women cannot be combatted effectively without reliable data.

PACE names four states whose laws risk leaving children stateless

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

Laws on nationality in Cyprus, Norway, Romania and Switzerland “contain insufficient or no safeguards against childhood statelessness, in breach of regional and international obligations,” according to the Standing Committee.

A new role for libraries and museums as ‘digital hubs’

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

The Parliamentary Assembly is urging Europe’s governments to increase support for libraries and museums as “digital hubs” for local communities, and fresh “strategic thinking” on how to renew their role.

PACE makes modifications to its Rules of Procedure

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

Some provisions of the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure need to be clarified, supplemented or reviewed in order, PACE Standing Committee said today during its meeting in Paris.

PACE backs opening up landscape treaty to countries worldwide

04/03/2016 | Standing Committee

PACE has given its green light to a plan to open up the ground-breaking European Landscape Convention to countries worldwide, approving today an opinion based on a report by Stefan Schennach.

Standing Committee meets in Paris

29/02/2016 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee will meet in Paris on Friday 4 March to discuss in particular the need to eradicate statelessness of children, forced migration as a new challenge and libraries and museums of Europe.

Anne Brasseur: 'Our common objective must be to combat terrorism, not to combat migrants'

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

Anne Brasseur today opened a meeting of the Standing Committee in Sofia by calling for a minute of silence to pay tribute to the victims of the "barbaric" terrorist attacks against France and Russia earlier this month.

Tsetska Tsacheva: ‘Unity makes strength’

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

“We have joined our voice of solidarity the moment we have learned of the terror attacks and of the tragedy that befell Paris and its citizens”, Tseska Tsacheva today said at the opening of the Standing Committee meeting in Sofia.

Call for a Council of Europe summit to reaffirm States’ commitment to common values

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE has called for a Council of Europe Summit of Heads of State and Government so that member States can reaffirm, at the highest political level, “their commitment to the common values and principles upheld by the Organisation”.

Elections in Kyrgyzstan were competitive and offered voters a wide choice

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

The parliamentary elections of 4 October in Kyrgyzstan were competitive and offered voters a wide choice; voters were able to choose freely from among a large number of candidates. Voting was also transparent.

Presidential election in Belarus: reforms needed to address substantial shortcomings

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

The presidential election of 11 October 2015 showed that Belarus still has a considerable way to go in honouring its commitment to hold democratic elections.

Tiny Kox: 'let's combat terrorism while protecting Council of Europe standards'

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

“Let's combat international terrorism while protecting our Council of Europe standards and values. These two elements are not contradictory – they should always go together,” said Tiny Kox today at the opening of a current affairs debate.